2 Arrested After 6-Hour Standoff on Milwaukee Interstate

Armored tactical units have surrounded a suspected stolen vehicle on a freeway near a major Milwaukee interchange. The situation has shut down part of the freeway since 4 a.m.

MILWAUKEE -- Two people have been arrested following a six-hour standoff that shut down a Milwaukee freeway.

The situation began about 4 a.m. Friday when a male driver and female passenger refused deputies' commands to leave a suspected stolen SUV on westbound Interstate 94.

At about 10 a.m. tactical officers used a robot to break a window in the vehicle and send a cloud of gas inside. That's when the driver opened the front door, held his hands up and laid down on the freeway. Deputies removed the passenger from the vehicle.

Authorities haven't said whether the suspects were armed or why they refused to come out of the SUV.

Traffic on the major thoroughfare was shut down during the morning commute. After several hours, deputies directed backed-up vehicles off the freeway.

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